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NGP Agrotech

NGP Agrotech is one of the top producers of micronutrients and biofertilizer as well as plant growth regulators and agrochemicals in India. NGP Agrotech has always believed that you can create an integrated business by developing your own R&D, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing skills. NGP Agrotech has more than ten years of experience helping farmers. A strong track record of innovation has given Sharda Agro Industries the top spot in the market for biotechnology-based agricultural inputs. Additional help for this technique has come from safer and specialised chemical insecticides.

Over the course of seven years, these measures have produced extremely rapid development. Now, NGP Agrotech is well-placed to handle the upcoming regional and global challenges. By creating products that produce bigger yields of higher-quality produce, we assist farmers in supplying them with more than simply products.